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Beautiful and unique Ethiopian Calendar

The Tesfa Calendar is the calendar you need on your wall or desk. Not only does it have stunning photos that will inspire you to make trips to the mountains, but it shows the dates in the Ethiopian Calendar in a western grid (with western dates shown) Key saints days, feast days, fasts, national holidays […]

Crosses, Thanksgiving and Fasts

In Ethiopia, October kicks off with big celebrations. This Sunday (1st October) is Meskerem 21, is one of the biggest Mariam days in the year, commonly called Gishen Mariam after a church in Wollo, not far from Dessie on a cross shaped Amba properly called Gishen Debre Kerbe which holds its annual saint’s day on this […]

The Ethiopian New Year & the month Meskeram

September is a wonderful time in Ethiopia and particularly the Ethiopian month of Meskerem that runs from 11th September -10th October marking the beginning of the Ethiopian year. The countryside is lit up with the masses of bright yellow ‘Meskal’ daisies and more sunshine flickering through the rain clouds, and it brings with it all […]

Tesfa Calendar available now – runs from 01 Sep 2017

Whether you live in Ethiopia, or used to live here, or are planning a visit, this calendar is a must. Each month shows the main saints’ days, the fasts, and other holidays set into the western calendar. Ethiopian calendar dates and months are clearly shown too (allowing you to ‘translate’ dates from one calendar to […]

State of Emergency lifted – come an experience Ethiopia’s unrivalled hospitality

Last week the Government of Ethiopia lifted the State of Emergency that has been in place since last October. Since the State of Emergency was set in place, there have been no further disturbances and the country has been peaceful and safe to travel in. The lifting of this SoE on top of the lifting […]

The death of King Lalibela Commemorated Today

Today, 19th June / Senay 12, is known as Senay Mikael and is an important Saint’s day across the country. But in Lalibela it is the most important holy day in Lalibela after Gena, for it is the anniversary of the death 796 years ago, of the Saint-King Lalibela, whose name the town has taken. He is said […]