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The Tesfa Tours treks take you on walks through the age-old agrarian landscape of the Ethiopian Highlands, following escarpments with birds of prey soaring in the thermals and Gelada baboon scrambling up and down the cliff face.

COMMUNITY TOURISM NEWS – there are now Community treks running in Janamora Woreda in the Simien Mountains – to the south of the National Park, and in Wof Washa Forest, North Shoa, some 140km N.E. of Addis as the crow flies. More details to come on the website soon….

I MAY HAVE inadvertently unearthed the perfect holiday: affordable, unforgettable and in one of the most awesome, exotic and unexplored parts of the world. This is a trip that will enrich your life and that you will likely look back on from your deathbed with a smile.

Manchan Magan

You will cross meadows where local shepherd boys keep an eye on their flocks, while their fathers plough the fields, and their sisters collect water in clay pots. This is a window into the ancient world of the Ethiopian highlands with their churches and their way of life. It will be an experience you will never forget!

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Community Treks

"Let us develop a personal itinerary with you so that you can see the best of this wonderful country."

Mark Chapman, Founder

Where does the Community Tourism tours money go?

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How our community tourism works:

Each hosting community is based around sub groups of a local parish church.

They are registered as cooperatives and are run for the benefit of all their members.

There may be as many at 300 households in one such community, probably around 1,500 people.

So the income a community makes from hosting you really does go to the community level!