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Tesfa Calendar – almost run out!!

Tesfa Tours calendar, a hanging wall calendar, will be available later this week, for a small charge. It shows the wonderful landscapes and people of Ethiopia in the areas in which we organise treks, and gives you a window into the culture with the Ethiopia dates and western dates merged onto one easy to read calendar.
The calendar runs from 01 September 2011 – 31st August 2012- this more or less coincides with the Ethiopian year that starts on 12 September 2011 and ends next year on 10th September 2012.

Not only is the Ethiopian calendar of 13 months laid out, but the major saints days and festivals are also noted. This calendar-inside-promo.jpgcurrent year is an Ethiopian Leap Year – with an extra day in September (in the 13th month called Pagume) – which means until the western leap ‘day’ comes at the end of February 2012 many Ethiopian holidays (such as Timkat) fall on different western dates from normal. We have also put in a few of the key Ethiopian national holidays and muslim holidays. Fasting periods are also noted. So there is a veritable wealth of information inside this calendar.

You can pick up a copy from our office. We will be asking people who take a calendar to make a small donation to support the community tourism. Details will be made available when we know more….
Please email us if you would like a calendar –

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