Phones and internet down

If you are trying to contact Tesfa Tours office our phones and internet went dead just after 8am our time this morning.


We hope they will be up son, but are trying to put in place alternative measures .

Meantime you can use our office mobile +251 92 349 0495 (call or text).

You can also contact me on +251 92 160 2236 (call or text).

And copy emails to me –

Apologies for the inconvenience,  Mark

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  • Well we got the lines reconnected last week – phew. However our main number is disconnected now – 011 124 5178 stopped working a few days ago. This is not uncommon – so please when a phone rings and rings it does not mean we are not answering (during working time) it is probably disconnected. SO try one of the other numbers.
    Our numbers are +251 111245178 (now not working); +251 111260301/ 0303; +251 111229726 (fax); +251 923490495 (mobile).

    Thanks for your patience!