Questions we get asked from time to time

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions

Internal flights in Ethiopia

The easiest and quickest way to get to around Ethiopia from Addis Ababa is to fly. Ethiopian Airlines currently connects 20 cities across Ethiopia. Many flights leave Addis early in the morning, and return early in the afternoon. Not all routes offer a daily service though. Tesfa Tours can assist by reserving and booking flights through our partner travel agency. See Ethiopian Airlines local flight network

Car hire in Ethiopia

Instead of relying on buses it is also possible to hire a vehicle to take you around. Tesfa Tours can arrange this for trips to Meket from Lalibela, Gondar, Bahir Dar or Mekele (or even Gheralta Lodge). Habtamu Baye has been working with us in Lalibela for a number of years and his company (Treasure Transport) operate a number of vehicles based in Lalibela. Tesfa Tours also has a fleet of landcruisers and minibuses too and we are able arrange pick up at Addis Ababa airport, a tour of Addis itself and trips out of Addis.

Buses in Ethiopia

Those with more time and who want to see more of the surrounding countryside may chose to do all or some parts of their journey by road. The roads are improving, the main East west road that dissects Meket (the ‘Chinese Road’) is now asphelted, as are the main arteries from Addis heading north. Local buses ply all major roads in Ethiopia and vary from uncomfortable to hellish. However good buses leave Addis for Dessie, Gondar and Bahir Dar, and the buses from Dessie and Weldiya to Gondar and Bahir Dar can be OK and pass close to many of the sites south of Lalibela.

Should I bring walking boots?

It is a good idea to bring good boots. The going can be rocky and there are times of year when you might encounter rain. If you climb the mountain (Abuna Yoseph) it can also be cold. However the most important thing is that you do not wear brand new boots for a hike that are not broken in as blisters are the worst outcome. Also do not wear old boots that are likely to fall apart.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

We recommend wearing 'zip-off' walking trousers. Good socks to go in the boots are important. A collared short sleeve shirt keeps the sun off more of the neck. Do bring a fleece/jacket/top for cold evenings, and a rain/wind jacket for showers. Remember the sun is harsh at altitude so have a sun hat.

Is there a mobile network on the trek?

It comes and goes, some places have good reception others none. You might want to buy an Ethiopian Telecom SIM card in Addis Ababa if you want to stay in touch.

Do I need a sleeping bag?

Not essential as the communities provide beds with mattresses, sheets and blankets. However, if you want to feel snug and cosy there is no harm in bringing one along. The higher places can be cold at night.

Can we recharge equipment on the trek?

Unfortunately not. We suggest bringing enough spare batteries or a solar charger.

Will I have to carry all my things?

No. There are donkeys provided – they can carry a maximum of 40kgs. So one donkey per two guests means they can carry a 20kg bag. Please use soft bags for the donkeys.

My 19 year old son and I did a three day trek west of Lalibela and absolutely loved it. The walking wasn’t too challenging which was a good thing as we are not used to the altitude. The scenery is stunning, the communities we lodged with welcoming, the food was varied and always delicious. We were really well cared for and deeply touched to be allowed to visit peoples homes, to see how they live, cook and care for their animals. I particularly loved watching the chickens climb up to roost on a purpose built mud shelf above the cooking area! We were delighted to find a family of Gelada baboons digging for breakfast beside us as we set off one morning. I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to see the pastural face of Africa and come up close to its wonderfully rich wild life. Thank you Tesfa.

Rachel Harrison, UK