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The death of King Lalibela Commemorated Today

Today, 19th June / Senay 12, is known as Senay Mikael and is an important Saint’s day across the country. But in Lalibela it is the most important holy day in Lalibela after Gena, for it is the anniversary of the death 796 years ago, of the Saint-King Lalibela, whose name the town has taken. He is said […]

Online E-Visas for tourists visiting Ethiopia

Exciting news for tourists visiting Ethiopia : E-Visas are now available online to nationals from major European countries, and other key countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Russia, India, China, Japan and Korea. Go to this page: for details and to apply for your visa. This should make the process […]

Gorillas in the Mist – Take a weekend away to see these amazing animals

How about a weekend spending time hiking up to see the Mountain Gorillas on the slopes of volcanos in the Virunga National Park? Virunga National Park is home to more than 1/4 of the world’s critically endangered Mountain Gorillas. Of the few remaining places left in the world to see the mountain gorillas, Virunga National […]

Ethiopia Patriots Day – 5th May

In the first week of May there are two holidays: Monday 1st May and Friday 5th May. These are excellent opportunities to get out and se some of the stunning countryside and historical sights of Ethiopia. Why not book a Tesfa trek, a perfect way to see the scenery, culture and some of the wildlife […]

Visit the new Tesfa guesthouses – now open

If you have been on a Tesfa trek before then why not try something new? We have opened new guesthouses in the Simien Mountains. They are situated to the south of the National Park, in a woreda called Janamora. To access this area, until the new service roads are built you drive through the National […]

The last week of Lent in Ethiopia is the most rigorous fasting of all

Yesterday (9th April) was Palm Sunday or Hosanna – the Sunday before Easter.  It is a very special day in the Orthodox church commemorating Jesus’s march into Jerusalem on a donkey with Palm fonds laid before him. It is marked with palms (worn by many worshippers on hands or head), processions and special services in the […]