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Ethiopia prepares for Timkat

Preparations are underway for one festival that seems to encapsulate Ethiopia’s unique place in the world: it is Timkat – or ‘Baptism’. It is frequently referred to as Epiphany, which undersells what is a very special and Ethiopian day. In fact it is really spread over 2 or 3 days. And it start tomorrow- Wed 18th […]

Christmas is coming .. in Ethiopia

Melkam Gena / Happy Christmas Christmas is coming and sheep is for the pot. Onions need cutting and enjara pan is hot. If you can’t afford a sheep a chicken will do. If you can’t afford a chicken then God bless you. This adaptation tells a few home truths about festivals in Ethiopia such as […]

Ethiopia is safe to travel to, says British FCO, so pack your bags and come and see this ancient land.

The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) have lifted travel advise against non essential travel to all tourist destinations in Ethiopia. On 2nd December they returned their advise to the pre September levels with exception of several remote woredas (district) in North West of Gondar, by lifting advise against travel to western Amhara and parts of Oromiya. Naturally we […]

Simiens is normal for the Gelada and Ibex, but where are the tourists?

Life in the Simien Mountains this week: Gelada baboons graze the Simien grasslands as they did last year: murmuring and mewing, with occasional shouts when bachelor males venture too close to family groups. They spend much of their time grooming each other in ritual social behaviour. The grazing consists of digging the grass with sharp […]

Lalibela & Meket now safe for travel – so says British FCO

The British FCO has now removed the travel advise against non essential travel to Eastern Amhara, (including Lalibela and the Meket & Lasta Community Treks). [See here] This means UK insurance companies policies will be valid for visits to these areas.   This change in advise has also been taken by many other western governments, […]

Holy days of Hedar, Mikael and Mariam

There are many big saints days in Hedar (Ethiopian month that runs from 10Nov – 9Dec) where certain churches will parade out their tabots with much dancing and celebration. One such is Hedar Mikael, St.Michael’s day on 21st November. On this coming Monday morning your nose will be the first to tell you of this […]

News Flash: Restrictions on Diplomats traveling out of Addis dropped

As part of the State of Emergency the Government in Ethiopia announced that diplomats needed permission to travel more than 40km out of the capital. In practice diplomats have been getting this permission with no problem, and now the government have withdrawn these restrictions. This should go some way to convincing foreign governments that travel […]

Peace and Stability return to Ethiopia – no reason not to visit

Since the State of Emergency was imposed at the start of last month, there has been no violence, protest, strikes nor anything that should put off any tourists. Now the tourism industry is waiting with growing impatience for the embassies to revise their unwarrented negative travel advise which hinders some visitors getting proper travel insurance for their travels. But it […]

What’s happening in Ethiopia now?

Of course people planning to visit Ethiopia are asking us what is happening now in Ethiopia. There were a spate of news articles as a result of the declaration of the State of Emergency a few weeks back, but as so often with news around the world, interest dries up as fast as it comes […]

Ethiopian Update – should we visit Ethiopia at this time

Many of our clients are asking if they should visit Ethiopia at this time, and what is happening in the country? Some facts: The Government of Ethiopia declared a State of Emergency on 8th October as a response to a surge in violence across certain parts of the Oromo region. The violence itself was a response to […]