Wonderful article in Selamta (Ethiopian Airlines inflight magazine)

Photo from ​Genesis​ by Sebastião Salgado

Photo from ​Genesis​ by Sebastião Salgado

When you are next on board an Ethiopian A/L flight have a look for the main feature (Nov/Dec issue) in the inflight magazine – Selamta. But you can also read it on line at www.selamtamagazine.com  – the following is taken from the article – wonderfully written by Noreen Fagan, with photos by Sebastião Salgado


In sync with Highland living, each day from there unfolded seamlessly into another. We woke with the rising sun and walked until midday, when we rested for lunches of injera(local flatbread made from fermented teff grain) and lentils washed down with strong black coffee. Each climb brought us closer to the clouds, giving us the perfect vantage points from which to witness a lifestyle that had not changed over thousands of years: Small boys balanced sticks twice their size, steering goats toward grazing land; farmers in every direction walked horses and bulls in a circle, threshing hay; and women ambled their ways home, carrying jugs of water, locally made beer or goods traded at the nearby market. At more than 3,500 meters above sea level, we became briefly a part of the agricultural and cultural life of Ethiopian pastoralists.

Each evening, as the sun set beyond the farthest mountain range, we sat on the edge of the escarpment and sipped beer cooled by the high-altitude air. The beauty of the environment spoke to us, but we were otherwise surrounded by silence — broken only by the wind whistling across the plateau.  ….

We spent our final night atop a jagged mountaintop, overlooking valleys and layers of mountains cascading toward the hidden horizon. Lammergeyers swooped down below us before spiraling upward with the wind — their flight accentuating the stillness of our surrounds. As the light faded, our warm memories of the past three days blanketed us against the cold Ethiopian night — reminding us that time need not be dictated by the hourglass but by the momentum of daily life.



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