The Tesfa Calendar for 2008 is now ready.

2008 Tesfa Calendar

2008 Tesfa Calendar

As this year starts out with a leap day in the Ethiopian Calendar, up until March all dates are one day later (for example New Year is on September 12th).

For those that have not had it before it is a must for anyone living or working here.

1/ Ethiopian dates are clearly markers in red along side the western dates. With this you will clearly know which western date is given on a receipts or other notice with an Ethiopian calendar date!

2/ The major Saints days are there too – so now you will know when to avoid the Medhane Alem area because it will be crowded, and why so many people are congregating in white gabis around a church area.

October page of 2008 Calendar

October page of 2008 Calendar

3/ The Annual saints day festivals are noted too – look out for Hedar Mikael  – the major St Michaels day when rubbish is burnt across the country – 22nd Nov, and maybe use these big festivals to plan a holiday – in many cases the tabots will come out of the church with great celebration and procession.

4/ Know in advance the Ethiopian holidays and the fasts – when they start and end

5/ Read the commentary on the bottom of each month and understand a little more about why, what , when etc.

6/ Enjoy the fabulous photographs – all taken from community tourism treks in Wollo and Tigray – The photos in Tigray are from Tash McCarroll (to see more see her on Facebook (

7/ Support the community tourism development with your contribution. We still suggesting 200 ETB per calendar this year.

Pop by our office at Kebena or contact us to get your copy! Email

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