The Tesfa Blog

I invite you to tune in to what should become a regular blog. I’m going to be blogging with what I hope many of you will find to be useful or interesting facts and information regarding Ethiopia.

I’ve been living in Ethiopia since the end of 1998 and am constantly fascinated by this remarkable and ancient country. Ethiopia is in fact a massive country, not just in terms of population (2nd biggest after Nigeria in Sub-Saharan Africa) and size (the 27th biggest in the world) but most fascinatingly in terms of its cultural and physical diversity. There is so much to see, so many cultures, so many landscapes, and so much to learn about in Ethiopia, that even after 16 years there is much I still need to see and learn about.

I’ve been posting little bits of information on our website and social media sites for some time now – so this blog will build on those posts. How often I get a new blog out is yet to be seen. It will depend on what is happening around me that inspires the blog in me and conversely what is keeping me too busy to blog!

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