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The rainy season in Addis

Rain in Tigray“A veritable monsoon!” Is how I often describe it, and it is. Its cause is the same weather patterns that cause the monsoon to sweep up through India – monsoon is the Indian word for their rainy season and kremt is the Amharic word.

And rather like the monsoon in India it does not rain all day, but rather heavy downpours roll through, skies darken, the wind picks up and torrential rain, often with hail follows. Later on or next morning the skies are clear and the sun shines brightly for some hours.  Its not a bad time to be in Addis or in Ethiopia. Pack an umbrella, put on the some boots, and head off to explore. If your visiting, just be ready to dive into a coffee shop and sit out the rain.

This year in Addis the Kremt is giving us a lot of sun and glorious weather, with much of the rain in the night. This is worrying, as the rain that comes to Addis is far more than the rain that goes to many other regions of Ethiopia, all of which depend on the Kremt to start off their crops, allow the meadows to grow hay, refill the water table so springs are replenished, refill reservoirs to generate electricity. If the rains intensify now that would be good, and they need to be strong through into late September. The official date for the end of the Kremt is Meskerem 25th which this year falls on 6th October, but already by the Meskal holiday (Meskerem 17 or 28th September) the rains will usually become far less frequent and the signs will be there that the dry season is coming.

A reminder for anyone looking to do some trekking. Tigray is fantastic for walking at this time of year. It does not rain much there, mostly at night, and the sun will be out in the morning. Let us know if you would like to make a trek and we can organise it.


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Tigray – new community guest house


Community guest house at Amba Fekada


Ruins near Amba Fekada, said to be a temple of the Queen of Sheba


Pre Axumite rock art

A new community guest house has opened in the north of Tigray on a mountain called Amba Fekada. The mountain is surrounded by gorges, and across one valley you can see the mountain on which Debre Damo is perched. In the nearby village is a church, whose compound is full of fallen down pillars that date back to the early or even pre-Axumite period. There is also a patch of rock on Amba Fekada with a painting that is also pre-Axumite depicting humpless cattle ploughing (which dates the painting to the period before humped cattle were introduced.

At the moment we are suggesting a night here with the community- your guide from Adigrat will help you get a bus up from town, costing less than 10 birr a seat, you would then spend part of the day exploring the area and the sites. After a night as guests of the local community, either do some more exploring or scatch the bus back to Adigrat.

Adigrat can be reached on the good asphalt roads from Axum or Mekele on public transport, or let us arrange a private vehicle for you.

We hope that very soon you will be able to trek to or from Amba Fekada, Chehat (the guest house to the south) and Mugulat (the guest house that connects the trek to the more established community guest houses, west and south of Adigrat.

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Tigray treks open all year

We organise Tesfa treks in Tigray, the most northerly district of Ethiopia. The treks take your through the farmland of local communities and it is these communities that will host you.

And because the area is drier and predominantly sandstone we can keep it open even when it is raining in Addis.

You can book a trek there all year round. Spend a few days (min 2 nights – and we can arrange longer treks too) to see the wonderful rock churches with the communities who live there, see the majestic views and experience the hospitality of these hard working farmers.


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New sites opening in Tigray

IMG_2604.JPG Three new sites are opening in the mountains around Adigrat – in the Agame area of Tigray. The first (now operational – although we need a weeks notice) is called Mugulat – just south of the Adwa-Adigrat road, the second Chehat will be another month or so getting organised, and the third – Menebeyti should be a couple of weeks.

IMG_2647.JPG The views are staggering and the walk between them is lovely. Pictures coming soon! There are very old rock paintings need Menebeyti (also known as Amba Fekada) and some pre Axumite ruins said to date back to the Queen of Sheba.

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