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Tesfa Tours will meet you at the airport.

If you would like us to arrange to be met, Tesfa Tours will come into the airport to meet you. IMG_0269.JPGThis means after you collect your luggage and go through the customs screening, you walk out into the arrivals area inside the airport terminal and we will be there with a sign to meet you. We have a fleet of new minibuses and landcruisers to take you off into town.

If you would like this service let our staff know in advance and make sure to send through your flight details.


DSCN2402.JPG We are ready to take you on a tour of the sights and sounds of Addis Ababa: hear the chanting at the big orthodox churches, taste and smell the uniquely strong Ethiopian coffee, or see Addis Ababa from the top of Entoto Mountain where Menelik had his first palace, and experience the vibrant traders of Merkato, selling everything from butter and spices, to horse saddles and coffee pots.

We will take you to your hotel, which we are happy to book up for you. Whether you want to stay in the heart of Piaza in one the oldest hotel in Ethiopia, or you want something smart like the newest (the Raddison Blu), we can make the arrangements.


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