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New season prices

Tesfa Tours, in a meeting with representative for all the Meket communities, the local management of TESFA CbT, representatives from the Guides, and the head of Meket Woreda, agreed new prices for the new season to start from 01 August 2011. These prices take into account the devaluations in the birr over the last 12 months and the increase in costs in Ethiopia.

The basic price will now be 800 birr + VAT per night, with the communities still keeping the same percentages: –

Hosting Community – 380 birr (47.5%)

Community providing Lunch – 55 birr (6.9%)

Guiding Enterprise – 205 birr (25.6%)

Marketing & booking contribution – 160 birr (20%)

These new prices will be likely adopted by all TESFA Communities.

Our intention is to keep the prices at around $45USD per night. If there is any major devaluation we may need to change the prices before the end of the 2011/12 season.

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