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Phones and internet down

If you are trying to contact Tesfa Tours office our phones and internet went dead just after 8am our time this morning.


We hope they will be up son, but are trying to put in place alternative measures .

Meantime you can use our office mobile +251 92 349 0495 (call or text).

You can also contact me on +251 92 160 2236 (call or text).

And copy emails to me –

Apologies for the inconvenience,  Mark

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Internet shut down in Ethiopia

Internet shutdownSince Tuesday afternoon 30 May – Internet connection has been shut down across Ethiopia.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience to anyone trying to contact us.  It is still not fully back on but we are getting some access however we may face additional problems 5-7 June. It is linked to GoE efforts to stop the sharing of exam papers during the national examinations taking place at this time.


If you need to contphoneact us urgently please use our mobile number –

office duty mobile +251 92 349 0495

Or call our land lines +251- 11 124 5178 / 11 126 0303 / 11 126 0301


for more please read


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