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Peaceful elections today

All is very quiet and calm in Addis Ababa today. There is not the usual clamour of weddings with hooters being beeped as cavalcades cross town. In fact there is little noise at all, and Addis seems like a quiet village. Today – Sunday 24th May, is election day all across Ethiopia.  These elections are destined to be as peaceful and quiet as any election. The polling stations are recognisable by a flag, a few police and badged officials. But even there all seems very quiet and calm

Even the electioneering over the past weeks was quiet, with rallies and campaigners here and there – but not much emotion or excitement. This may in part be due to the fact that there has been no doubt as to who will win.

There is no prospect of any trouble or cause of anyone to alter their plans. For any prospective tourists, the elections here once again highlight that Ethiopia is a peaceful and safe country to visit.

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