Community sites opening

Tesfa are opening new community sites in Tigray and Wollo near Lalibela. (May 2011)

DSCN9219.JPGIn Tigray, near Adigrat, three new sites are opening that will allow guest to trek north from the existing sites to a place called Amba Fekada. At Amba Fekada there are the ruins of an old temple that goes back to Axumite or even pre-Axumite times. There is also a rock panting – that although small and simple is interesting in that it shows oxen ploughing a field.DSCN9240.JPG

These oxen have no humps – which dates the painting to the early Axumite period.

AbunaYoseph1.jpgIn Wollo, on mount Abuna Yoseph, Frankfurt Zoological Society have almost finished a mountain hut that will open up this Afro alpine mountain – a refuge for Ethiopian Wolves – to trekkers of more modest fitness. Previously you had to be tough to do a 40km + trek in one day. Now this trek will be divided in two.

Also in Wollo, in Gidan Woreda, there is a new community keen to start serving guests at a beautiful remote site called Kurtain Washa.

To all of you who have seen beautifully located sites – be ready to be knocked sideways. This place is magical, but it is set in high and rugged landscape.


  • Rod Oliver

    Do you have a map with all the sites in the area of Lalibela? There is a link to one on your website but it is broken.

  • Mark Chapman

    The guest houses in Wollo – at Kurtain Washa and on Abuna Yoseph (Agaw Beret) have now been open for some time and are serving their guests. However there were delays with the new guest houses in Tigray due to problems with the demise of the old NGO that was finalising arrangements, some internal issues at the communities and some issues with unfinished construction. BUt the good news is that these community guest houses are now opening. We are organising the first treks to Chehat and Menyebeyti (Amba Fekada) with Mugalat still some weeks away.