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In order to confirm your booking please ensure pay a deposit ASAP.

– Payment made more than 10 weeks prior to departure – 25%
– Payment 8-4 weeks prior to departure – up to 40%
– The remaining payment is required 1 week prior to departure (up to 100%)

To reduce transfers and transaction costs we recommend making one 40% transfer instead of first 25% and then another 15%.

Transaction costs:

We will add a transaction cost to your invoice of 3% or $25 USD which ever is the higher amount. This should cover deductions taken by banks from your payment if routed correctly. If you are planning to make 2 bank transfers then the transaction fee will be $50 USD.

For bank transfers you will still need to pay any transfer fees at your bank, the $25 USD should cover the Citibank-Zemen Bank costs. If we receive more money than we expect we will deduct this from your final payment, and likewise if it is less we will add this to the final payment.

Cancellation terms are:

– Once your holiday is confirmed – 25%.
– 30 days prior to departure date – 40%.
– 14 days prior to departure date – 80%
– 7 days prior to departure date – 100%

Note that at no point once we have received payment are we able to refund VAT charged on your invoice.


Payments methods

We can accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and AmEx). You can pay us using your dredit card in the office entering you pin into the terminal. We are also now authorised to take remote payments.

By bank transfer (standard transfer costs are covered in the above mentioned transaction fees). Payment is in USD or Euro equivalent. Payment goes from your bank via an intermediary bank (Citibank) to Zemen Bank in Addis.

Exact up to date details will be provided by our office.

Please note that the intermediary bank information is NOT the beneficiary bank. If payment is sent TO the beneficiary bank it will be returned. Payment must be sent to the beneficiary VIA the intermediary.

If you are in Addis you can pay in cash, either in US Dollars or at the equivalent on the day in Birr, Euros or Sterling.

Personal cheques from foreign countries can be processed but please allow 4 weeks.

Personal guide supplement

If guests wish to have their own guide and not share with another group there is a personal guide supplement that will be applied.

Tesfa’s policy on exclusive use of Guest houses by small groups

On behalf of the communities, Tesfa reserves the right for groups of less than 5 guests to add additional guests to the trek. People in their own group however may be required to share bedrooms, but people will not be required to share rooms from other groups. This is to maximise the income for the communities. However guest can pay for a private guide – see personal guide supplement- if they wish.

Outside of the peak season guests wishing exclusive use of a guest house will need to pay an additional fee. Their total group payment will be the equivalent of 5 guest’s payment

Tesfa’s policy on solo guests

If a guest is staying at guest houses on their own they will need to pay a solo supplement on top of the normal charge. Tesfa Tours will seek to join them with other individuals or groups but this may not always work out. It maybe that a planned co-guest cancels in which case the solo fee will be applicable to the remaining guest.

My 19 year old son and I did a three day trek west of Lalibela and absolutely loved it. The walking wasn’t too challenging which was a good thing as we are not used to the altitude. The scenery is stunning, the communities we lodged with welcoming, the food was varied and always delicious. We were really well cared for and deeply touched to be allowed to visit peoples homes, to see how they live, cook and care for their animals. I particularly loved watching the chickens climb up to roost on a purpose built mud shelf above the cooking area! We were delighted to find a family of Gelada baboons digging for breakfast beside us as we set off one morning. I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to see the pastural face of Africa and come up close to its wonderfully rich wild life. Thank you Tesfa.

Rachel Harrison, UK